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Lead Cloud Native Consultant

Abila - IT Services (Enterprise)

As a Lead Cloud Native Consultant for Abila, I helped them to build a new Cloud Native practice and to deliver Cloud Native projects to their customers.



Freelance DevOps Engineer | Site Reliability Engineer

Roar - Customer Experience (CX) (Corporate)

Collaborated with Roar to enable DevOps culture in all aspects of the company, starting with CI/CD processes on Azure DevOps. Responsible for the DevOps culture and the overall quality of the company's cloud infrastructure.



Freelance Coach (DevOps)

Coopolis - Facility management and public services (Cooperative)

Enabled them to better understand IT DevOps culture by teaching classes with in-depth focus on Gitlab and CI/CD processes.



Fractional CTO

GreenChic - Sustainable Fashion (Scaleup)

Handling suppliers and the whole IT side of the company, including but not limited to infrastructure and operations. Built from ground up a new cloud infrastructure on AWS for their sustainable fashion e-commerce migration while hardening policies and solving critical security issues on their AWS Lambda deployed APIs.

Italian Financial Police


Cloud Native Trainer

Italian Financial Police - Security and finance (Public Administration)

Helped their IT joint command to improve DevOps practices by delivering a DevOps course and an in-depth technical workshop on Azure cloud and Azure DevOps.

MVC Technologies S.p.A.


Cloud Native Trainer

MVC Technologies S.p.A. - IT Consultancy & education (Corporate)

Delivered DevOps course to one of their clients helping them to better understand the DevOps culture.



Cloud Native Consultant

D-Share - Digital News and Media (Corporate)

Managed Azure and AWS infrastructures for their news and media platform and digital products. I was responsible for the infrastructure, deployments, security and everything about the cloud.

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