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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I fell in ❤️ with Coding and DevOps culture then I became passionate about clouds 🌩️ and obsessed with security 🔐.


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MB-dev: A Star Wars Story

My story is filled with monstrous bugs 🐞, amazing features ✨, large scale products ⛰️, many programming languages and frameworks 📚, huge infrastructures 🗼 and amazing colleagues 👨‍💻.

As employee I started as Software Engineer and then joined the Dark Side of DevOps and Site Reliability taking the best from both worlds (I've never stopped to use the --force).

The reason I decided to start my journey in 2021 as a freelance professional was to scale up my impact on the industry and to help more people to achieve their goals.

As a freelancer I coached and mentored my padawans (ehm I mean, my students) about DevOps principles and practices. I also helped companies to improve their DevEx and DevOps approach.

In the time I've been in the IT industry, up and down since 2015, I've learned a lot from hands on experience and had the opportunity to interact with truly amzing people.

In 2023 I took the next step and I've been the CTO of a startup for one year, where I enjoyed the challenge of building a new company culture, services and products from scratch and of course taking care of my team.

In the end we could not find the Product-Market Fit and had to step back, but quoting Yoda: "The greatest teacher, failure is."

In 2024 I'll try to move, possibly away from Europe and hopefully starting a new exciting adventure in the software industry!

A few other facts about me: I've been a remote worker 🏝️ and a Hybrid Digital Nomad™ for quite a while ✈️🏡️ I enjoyed living and working in different timezones but now I'm looking for a place to finally call home.

I'm a combat sport amateur (boxe, K1, muay thai, bjj, MMA) 🥊 a musician/metal singer 🎹 and a passionate gamer 🕹️.

Huge fan of Star Wars 🌌 and Lord of The Rings ⚔️. I play D&D 🎲 and you can always find me cooking a good old italian meal 🍝.

My Jedi Code

My main goal as a professional is to contribute to great products and improving DevEx wherever I go!

In time I built strong bonds with employers, clients and colleagues. I always believed in trust and transparency as the foundation of each and every of these relationships.

I always valued communication over control, dialog rather than command, good design instead of "as long as it works", leaving a legacy above making myself indispensable, being safe more than being sorry, and (try) being always kind not always right.

I enabled companies to craft quality software because not only we were working toghether but our efforts were built to last and so they are.

What do I like most of my job until now?

Staying updated about new technology and trends, gaining insights numbers and metrics, learning and avdocating for good practices but above all: creating something meaningful, with a positive impact on people and planet Earth.

Tech Stack & Lightsabers

I consider myself a hands-on engineer, I love to try something new: may it be a new methodology, language, paradigm, framework or cloud native product.

I do believe there's no such thing as "one size fits all", that's why I'm costantly looking for new solutions and tools to fit different real-world requirements (paper requirements can be quite deceiving).

However, if you are wondering what my preferred stack is, I can say I'm a fan of the following technologies:

I'm not affiliated with nor endorsed by any of these companies, I've just used or am using some of their products.

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